Training Mannequin Head

£35.00 Was £60.00


Let me introduce you to our new diverse training mannequins !!

We have worked tirelessly to bring you what we believe is the best start up in your journey as lash technicians!

Our NEW mannequin heads are realistic and have removable eyelids allowing you to change the eyelids over to create different lash styles!

The nose is in the correct place allowing lashing to be as real as possible!

The lashes are more realistic showcasing what lash technicians will see when it comes to applying lashes, I.e natural lash gaps, lashes growing in different directions & lengths this will help you level up when lashing a live model!

The eyelids have lashes already applied allowing you to lash instantly! The grip of the lashes are much better than training strips! No more struggling students trying to get the lashes to stick during training!!

Our heads come in 3 colours to allow diversity.

We are so passionate about our industry therefore we want the very best for you!

Each mannequin comes with A set of eyelids & 3 additional replaceable eyelids for endless lashing!