Open Your Eyes To Huge Opportunities!

Are you stuck in a dead end job with a boss that doesn't value your talents?

That was me 10 years ago... shy, anxious and full of doubt!

I decided I needed a change... the self doubting and low self esteem had almost destroyed me as a person!

I came across the lash industry by chance and decided my life wasn't going to be built around my anxiety!

For those of you doubting your ability..pondering if you are taking to much of a risk...

"Life is built on risk, to move forward you have to be willing to step forward"

Our courses are designed to ensure that YOU leave feeling confident enough to take on that new job, or set the foundations to your new empire!

We are a Lash ONLY Salon and a LASH ONLY company which means you are training with the Best

What ever it takes! we got you BABE



Our courses are designed for everyone!

Climb the ladder to Success
No matter what your experience we can teach you the very basics at a pace that suits you! no rushing... no stressing! I will be there to guide you every step of the way and beyond!

Once you have enrolled you will benefit from unlimited support and access to VIP support group!

We have the most dynamic courses you will find!

All courses Classic/Russian will include;
• Theory/Anatomy
• Contra-indications
• Mannequin Application
• Live Model Application
•Lash Mapping
•Removal of Lashes
•Patch test requirements
•Course Manuals
•Lash Kit
•Ongoing Support.

All courses are GTI ACCREDITED and a certificate will be issued upon completion which will allow you to obtain the relevant Insurance.

BUT we don't just leave you there!!!
We have put together a ULTIMATE Bonus package.
This is a 2 hour follow on course to teach you how to INFILL!
Infills can be very daunting even for the most skilled technician. We believe in giving you the best starting chance as a Lash Technician which is why we have designed this add on course to either the Classic or Russian With prices below.

What is included in the ULTIMATE
This is our Top Seller. If you are serious about this next step in your career then the Ultimate course will set you above the rest babe!

• 2 hour Night School (Wednesday 6-8pm)
• How to perform Infill on Live model
• Different Tapping up techniques
• Learning BONUS Lash tips & tricks
• Use of different Tweezers
• 45 minute social media training on how to level up your business!

Our course will allow you to infill on a live model (preferably the model you trained with) we will show you which lashes need to be removed and how to remove them safely, how to combat dirty lashes and how to educate your clients with aftercare.
When clients return to have a infill from there first fresh set of lashes it is overwhelming for a new technician to be faced with outgrown, messy lashes. I know this because i was one of them! And i dont want that for you!

We asked the best lash technicians in the industry what they wish they had learnt in their course when they took the step of becoming a lash technician?
Guess what the Top answer was? Yep you guessed it Infills! Which is why we have invested in YOU and your new Adventure

We have also put together a variety of tweezers for you to trial in the 2 hour course! In the last 10 years i have spent sooooo much money on tweezers that just didn't fit the cut! I don't want that for my students, i want to give back my knowledge and experience so that your main focus is leveling up your business and maximising your profits.

LASTLY - We have put together a social media class to allow you to take your Dreams to the next Level.
This will show you our favourite apps to :-

- Create logos
- Social media posts
- Editing photo apps
- How to create instagram stories, hashtags and much more!

We are proud to be the FIRST academies to offer this add on course taken on a separate day to give you that added hands on experience with trained professionals. No other training school offers this lash slaying package which is why Our promise to you is we will be there every step of the way!
Our courses are designed by Lash Techs for Lash Techs

The only thing left to do is Believe in Yourself

Lets get you started on your Journey... Price
Classic Eyelash Course (Beginner) £325.00
Classic + Ultimate Course £425.00
Russian Volume Course (Advanced) £340.00
Russian + Ultimate Course £440.00
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